Kids First Intake Packet

Kids First

Q. What is the process for Kids First?

A. Please see the front page of the intake packet (link to pdf). It walks you through the process step-by-step. The intake paperwork also goes over the rules, locations, times, and costs. The details are often based on the referring court order.

Q. How much does Kids First cost?

A. The intake registration fee is $75 for each party. Either each party pays his/her own fee, or the party ordered by the court pays both. The intake fees are paid at the time of the intake interviews.

The monthly fees are on a sliding scale based on income and are paid by the party ordered by the court or split between the parties.

Gross Monthly Income Range 1-2 Children 3-4 Children 5+ Children
$0 – $1,700 $75.00 $80.00 $85.00
$1,701 – $2,400 $100.00 $105.00 $110.00
$2,401 – $4,000 $125.00 $130.00 $135.00
$4,001 + $150.00 $155.00 $160.00


Q. How soon can I see my child?

A. Kids First visitation and/or exchange services will be scheduled after both parties have completed their intake interviews, both parties have paid their intake fees, and as soon as space is available.

Q. How is the location of the visits determined?

A. We offer visits in Midland and Odessa. The location can be determined either by the court order or by where the child lives. The visits will generally be held in the city in which the child resides (Midland or Odessa) or the location closest to where the child lives (if living outside of Midland or Odessa).

Q. How does Kids First keep my child and me safe?

A. We have professional security on the premises during all visits. We maintain schedules that keep custodial and noncustodial parties separate at all times. A monitor is with your child at all times. We have video monitoring of all visits.

During exchanges, only one party is present at a time.

Q. How will Kids First help me bond with my child?

A. All visits are parent/child-focused and child-led. You and your child are encouraged to play together, do crafts or activities together, and talk, according to the developmental level and interests of the child. From there, it is up to you.