Centers Post Adoption Intake Packet

Post Adoption FAQs

Q: What services are available to my family through your program?

A: Centers offers a wide range of services to eligible families, including individualized case management, referrals to local, statewide and national resources, parent training, support groups and 24-hour crisis intervention. When funding is available, Centers may also be able to provide monetary assistance for respite care, counseling, therapeutic camps and residential placement services.

Q: Must I live in Texas to receive services?

A: Post adoption services are available to all eligible families, regardless of where they reside. The case is managed from the Texas county in which the family last resided, or if the family did not reside in Texas, from the Texas county in which the child’s legal case originated.

Q: I adopted a child from another state but live here now. Can you help?

A: Centers can provide you and your family with information on local resources that may be available to you and your family. However, we are not contractually able to enroll you in our program. Every state is mandated to offer post adoption services to families who have adopted from their state, and we can help you identify the program for which you qualify.

Q: Can you help pay for tutoring or other educational services?

A: Our contract does not provide funding for tutoring or other educational services, but our post adoption case managers are able to attend ARDs and other school meetings as necessary to advocate for children and their families. We can also assist you in locating appropriate resources for such services.

Q: Who do I call for questions about adoption benefits such as Medicaid, subsidy or tuition waiver?

A: Centers case managers can provide general information regarding such topics. Your DFPS Adoption Assistance Worker is able to answer child-specific questions.