Why help the helpers?

Nonprofit organizations are there for our community when the chips are down.  We are providers of food, shelter, clothing, mental health care…the list goes on.  We take care of our community.

Permian Basin Gives is an organized effort to help and honor non-profits in our community with donations to help us continue to help others.

On February 21st, you have a chance to make a gift to Centers that COULD double in value.  A generous donor has presented a challenge gift of $5,000 for the money we receive on this day.  Our goal is $10,000!

This has been a challenging time for us all.  Centers has worked tirelessly to meet the needs of our community, providing free services to health care workers and first responders.  We have adapted our services to make sure people are able to receive care, even if they cannot be in our office, through teletherapy.

Centers will continue to bring solace and comfort to those in need.  Will you help us help others today?

Please donate today!  

You are welcome to bring cash or a check to our office.  Yours is the gift of hope.

We thank you for helping the helpers today!