Empowering Parents

Parenting Classes

Parent Power and Parenting with a Purpose are two of our face-to-face classes taught by professional counselors and staff that are designed to increase parenting skills while enhancing self-esteem and confidence levels. Parents learn new strategies that enable them to foster nurturing and consistent relationships with their children.

Parent Power

The goal of Parent Power is to ensure that all children will enter school ready to learn. Parent Power is a FREE program designed to empower parents to raise successful children.

Focuses on:

Classes are FREE. An evening meal and childcare will be provided FREE of charge.
Classes meet every Wednesday evening.

Download the Parent Power Release Agreement for Minors

Highland United Methodist Church
1808 N. Dixie Blvd.
Odessa, TX

Parenting With a Purpose

In Midland, Centers also offers Parenting With a Purpose classes several times a year. Parenting With a Purpose is a free parenting education program taught by Licensed Professional Counselors. The class instructors teach child development, discipline and communication, how to build self-esteem in children, and co-parenting skills. Participants may voluntarily attend or may be referred by DFPS, courts, probation offices, or other entities. Each series of classes is offered over four consecutive Tuesday evenings at the Midland office. Free childcare is available for children two years and older. Pre-registration is required, and class size is limited.