Teens & Parents

The practice of working with teens requires extensive, specialized education, training and years of clinical practice.  We currently employ 11 Licensed Professional Counselors, ten of whom have Masters Degrees, and one has her Doctorate and is a degreed nurse.  We have a counselor available who is bilingual and is a Registered Play Therapist who helps children/teens heal from stressful or traumatic experiences.   We also have a Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor, two counselors who are certified in Anger Resolution, five who have received Trauma training and one who is a Licensed Chemical Dependence Counselor.  Each counselor is charged with providing the level of effective treatments, support, and care from which the teen will benefit the most. Teens struggle with many different issues like identity, peer pressure, and fitting in. Our staff members are reporting that teenage clients are currently seeking our help with anger issues, bullying, substance addictions, school fights with classmates, family and friend issues, cyber bullying, online addictions, suicidal tendencies, school stress, eating disorders, cutting, depression, abuse, neglect and a variety of learning, behavioral, emotional, and developmental issues.

If you or your teen are struggling with any of these issues, call us today.